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The Fanployer solution

The Fanployer solution is the one and only right choice for kickstarting your journey towards a flawless online reputation and attracting more candidates

How we start off

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride while we do the work. After you answer a few basic questions about your business and competitors, we take a deep-dive into the online reputation of your organization. And within 14 days, you got yourself a concrete plan of action to improve your online presence and recruitment results. This plan includes five main focus points, which you can instantly apply to your business:


1. Talent Personas

Do you know what your future employees need? The Fanployer solution uses Intelligence group data to help you better understand what your talent personas are looking for. This way, you can make sure to attract and trigger your talent with employer branding strategies that match their search.

  • Labor market insight of your 2 key roles
  • Push & pull factors
  • Online presence and behavior

2. Online Presence scan

Businesses often spend a good amount of money on expensive but unsuccessful employer branding campaigns and pricey external recruitment agencies, without managing the basics. Our proven solution is to start fixing your online presence first. The Online Presence scan helps you to get an understanding of where you stand now, and what you can do as a quick win to make the biggest impact fast.

  • Scan of your social media presence
  • Your status on review & rating sites
  • The strength of the online profiles of your Leadership & Recruitment teams
  • All the above benchmarked to 2 competitors

3. Employer brand

After giving your online presence a proper upgrade, it’s important to tick the right boxes with your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and storytelling. Do your vacancy texts still date from the Windows 98 era? Or Are they catchy, fun, inspiring and to-the-point? And do the images and visuals suit your target audience?

  • Strength of your EVP and storytelling
  • Consistency of your employer branding across different platforms
  • Right use of visual content and overall look & feel

4. Candidate experience

The last indispensable element of your online presence is your career website. Speed and a surprising experience are the 2 most important differentiators in today’s talent market. Once you’ve fixed your online presence and employer brand, an innovative and sleek website can make the statement you need to overrule your competitors and attract and engage talent.

  • Audit on career site performance & experience compared to 2 competitors
  • 2 Mystery applications
  • Review of your candidate experience
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5. Quick wins & Big wins

One of the biggest USPs of Fanployer are the quick wins & big wins, which combines all our knowledge of 30 years of experience into one concrete overview. No complex materials and endless consultancy sessions, but a no-brainer action list that allows you to instantly make impact yourself.

  • Quick wins: actions that require almost no budget and resources and directly impact your number of applicants by 20%
  • Big wins: actions that require some more budget, resources and extra work, but will give you the game-changing employer reputation you’re looking for.

Fix your recruitment challenges

Level up your employer brand and boost your numbers. Get the insights you need to kickstart your quick-wins and directly impact your recruitment results.


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Businesscase Timetohire. Actually, we didn't know the problem until we did the scan. This clearly showed that there were several “problems”. On the one hand, the problem that our Employer Branding scored below par on several channels. On the other hand, the problem that we were not aware of this at all. read more
Frederique Thans Timetohire
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