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Through data, technology and a spark of creativity, we uncover the beauty of working at your company to create stories that resonates with the right talent leading to recruitment success.

We Develop Employer Brands Differently

Here’s our step-by-step process for delivering results in weeks, not months.

1. Unique EVP (Re)Design

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

An EVP is the core of your employer brand. We help you define why talent should work for you and not your competitors by capturing the essence and DNA of your organization.

  • Increase excitement by involving employees
  • Align your EVP with your mission & talent needs
  • Get two EVP concepts to choose from
  • Empower your team with an activation toolkit

2. Complete Employer Branding Scan

Delivery Time: 2 Weeks

Having a new EVP is key, but having a data-backed strategy to put it into action, is just as important. Now it’s time to turn the conceptual into the actionable.

  • Extensive analysis of your online presence, talent personas & candidate experience
  • Benchmark against two talent competitors
  • Action plan with quick wins & big wins
  • Online dashboard to monitor your progress (see below 😉)

Our Cool Dashboard

Equip your team with a custom dashboard so you don’t have to rely on us to stay on top of Quick Wins & Big Wins and make lasting improvements to your business.

3. Candidate Experience (Re)Design

Delivery Time: 2 Weeks

Say goodbye to outdated, manual processes. Make sure you stand out from the competition with a hiring experience that WOWs candidates and makes them dream of working for you.

  • Step by step outline of your current candidate experience
  • Align with your new EVP and create WOW moments
  • Expert advise on software selection and automation
  • Concrete action plan and support throughout your journey

4. Online Presence Improvement

Delivery Time: 4 Weeks

With our powerful dashboard, your team becomes the driving force of change, leading the charge to tackle both the quick wins and big wins mapped out in step 2.

  • Be visible wherever your talent personas are
  • Highlight your new EVP of every platform
  • Stand out from your competitors online
  • Quick Wins & Big Wins to help manage improvements

5. Employer Branding Campaign

Delivery Time: 2+ Weeks

Now comes the fun part! Let’s share your new look and put what we’ve worked on into action—let’s start attracting top talent.

  • Internal & external employer brand activation
  • Embed your new employer brand into the culture
  • Create content & design your external campaigns
  • Launch a recruitment campaign and get the word out

Our Latest Customer Success Stories

Just because actions speak louder than words.

With each department having unique needs, Hunkemöller had to pull out all the stops to attract top talent. That’s where we came in, helping them develop a unique EVP to make them stand out.
At Fanployer, we thrive under pressure. With only a month before the launch of their new career site, we helped Royal Swinkel’s developed a completely new EVP on time and on brand.
While their company name is Robin Radar, they had a tendency to fly under it. With our help, they were able to improve their online employer presence and increase quality applicants by 35%.

Hunkemöller aimed to redefine the employer branding standard in the retail industry, and that’s where we stepped in. We helped them develop and implement a unique EVP to ensure they truly stand out. Stay tuned!

At Fanployer, we love speed. In just 4 weeks, we designed a new EVP that matches the true DNA and ambitions of the brand. We’ve also become their trusted employer branding partner for the complete implementation of their employer branding strategy. Stay tuned

While their company name is Robin Radar, they had a tendency to fly under it. With our help, they improved their online employer presence and increase quality applicants by 35%.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is essentially a company’s pitch to potential and current employees about why it’s a great place to work. Think of it as the business world’s way of saying, “Here’s what’s in it for you when working for us.”

An EVP is crucial because it defines the give-and-take relationship between employer and employee. It goes beyond the basics of salary and includes perks like flexible working hours, healthcare, and maybe even a wellness budget (because who doesn’t like going to the gym for free). It’s a strategic tool that companies use to attract the right talent—people who not only have the right skills but who will also fit well with the company’s culture.

This proposition isn’t just thrown together; it’s thoughtfully designed to reflect the company’s values and what it stands for. When well-articulated, an EVP helps ensure that the people who come on board are those who are likely to stay and grow with the company, reducing turnover and fostering a committed workforce.

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and employer branding are like the dynamic duo of the recruitment world, working together to charm and retain the cream of the employee crop. Here’s the breakdown:

At the heart of it all is the EVP. Think of it as the company’s DNA. This includes all the goodies like competitive salaries, swanky benefits, opportunities for growth, and a work environment that might just make you want to actually come into the office on Mondays. It’s the core of who the company is as an employer and what sets it apart from the rest of the job market jungle.

Then there’s employer branding, the suave spokesperson of the operation. Its job is to take this core message, the EVP, and broadcast it far and wide with just the right spin. Through clever marketing, engaging social media, and some storytelling, employer branding makes sure the right people hear about the company in the most appealing way. It’s all about packaging the EVP so attractively that top talent can’t help but say, “Where do I sign?”

Imagine you’re casting the next blockbuster movie. You’re not just hunting for any actor; you want the one who nails that role – the looks, the vibe, the skills, the quirks. In the hiring world, that’s what a “talent persona” is. It’s like a detailed profile of your dream candidate, including their experience, skills, working style, and career goals.
With a talent persona in hand, you’re not just randomly posting job ads and hoping for the best. You know exactly where to find your ideal candidates. It’s like having a GPS that guides you to the right job boards, social networks, and events where your top talent is. You’ll be putting your effort into the places that matter, attracting the right people, and skipping the wild goose chase. It’s all about working smarter to land that superstar your team needs.

Candidate experience in recruitment is like the customer service of hiring. It’s everything a job seeker goes through from the moment they apply to when they get hired (or don’t). It includes:

  • The Job Search: How easy is it to find and understand your job postings? Are they clear and appealing?
  • The Application Process: Is the application straightforward and user-friendly, or is it a tedious marathon of endless forms?
  • Communication: Are candidates kept in the loop about their application status, or are they left in the dark? Are interview instructions clear and timely?
  • Interviews: Are interviews well-organized and respectful of the candidate’s time? Is the candidate treated professionally and made to feel comfortable?
  • Feedback: Do candidates receive constructive feedback, or are they ghosted after interviews?


A great candidate experience leaves job seekers feeling like they’ve had a five-star experience, even if they don’t land the job. It can turn them into fans who’ll rave about your company. A bad experience, though, can make them run for the hills and warn others to stay away. It’s all about treating candidates with respect and making the process as smooth and engaging as possible.

An online employer presence is where your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and brand truly shine, bringing your company to life in the eyes of top talent. By accurately showcasing who you are across social media, your website, and job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor, you create a powerful, cohesive narrative that attracts the right candidates.

These platforms work in harmony, each amplifying the other to paint a vivid picture of your company culture, values, and opportunities. Social media provides a dynamic glimpse into daily life at your company, your website serves as a comprehensive resource for in-depth information, and job boards offer transparency and reach. Together, they ensure your message resonates with the ideal talent, driving amazing recruitment results by drawing in candidates who are excited about what you have to offer.