About Fanployer

In 2020, Anne Jaakke, CHRO of the year, and HR innovator Donja van Laarhoven joined forces to establish Fanployer. What began as a necessity-driven concept has rapidly grown into a scalable solution, assisting HR teams globally in creating killer employer brands. 



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The engine behind Fanployer

Donja van Laarhoven


Donja gets loud when getting excited, can’t listen to words like content and context without laughing, and competed in the Dutch Latin competition.

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Russ Balabanov


Fan fact
Russ wakes up at 7:30 every Saturday morning to play Age of Empires 2 with friends.

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Micky Dendias


Fan fact
Micky has lived in every continent except Australia, and as a fanatic kitesurfer, he will be ‘out of office’ whenever the wind blows over 30 knots.

team foto donja work with us employer branding

Annie van Zaanen


Annie is a Tiktok influencer, foodie lover and go-gettr

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Roselle de Kruijk


Fan fact
Rosie is adventurously loving life down under.

Milou van Melick


Fan fact
Currently living the good life while working in Australia, or is it India? Or Sri Lanka?

Emily Benning


Emily moved to Vancouver for love!

Anne Jaakke


Fan fact
Anne is an expert in house moves – she moved 44 times and counting 🙂



Fan fact
We’re growing and always looking for fun and talented new Fanployees!

Pepijn Meddens


Ppeijn loves to challenge the status quo.

Rutger Mudde


Fan fact
Rutger is all about (digital) marketing.

Silvan Thus

Silvan Thus


Fan fact
Silvan is a walking encyclopedia.

Join the team

We’re in an exciting and fast-growing phase with new investors and a lot of partners and amazing companies to work for, so we’re always on the lookout for talented professionals and interns in HR, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing to join our team! We’d be more than happy to meet you, so contact us right away. We’ll always reply!


Fanployer is developing the newest innovation in HR and transforming the mindset about the hunt for talent. The shortage of talent in the labor market doesn’t scare us! If only, it makes us stronger as we know as one of the few how to overcome this challenge. We’re in an exciting and fast-growing phase with new investors and a lot of amazing companies to work for! To help support our growth we’re searching for amazing new interns who like to join this adventure and are ready to jump right in.

Together with Donja, Anne, Silvan, Pepijn, Rutger, Russ & Sebastian, and 3 of our new team members you will make sure our customers become as much fans of us as their employees are of them.

What will you do?
In your role as Marketing Intern, you are responsible for growing the popularity of Fanployer. You see opportunities everywhere, are enthusiastic and will do everything to meet and exceed your goals. We recently launched our new website, and are at the start of growing our online presence so there is lots of opportunities for you to develop and grow!

Examples of projects:

  • Social media management
  • Build growth strategies
  • Create content 
  • Daily operational support
  • External communication
  • International Market research
  • Website conversion
  • Sales processes & systems
  • Campaigns AND MORE!

What we expect from you:

  • You are an enthusiast and a great communicator
  • You speak both fluent Dutch and English
  • You have an interest in Recruitment, employer branding, and/or social media
  • You believe in continuous improvement and that you can learn anything as long as you try hard enough.
  • You enjoy reflecting on your learnings to improve your performance and that of your colleagues.
  • You’re able to quickly understand information and processes and can translate them into a bigger picture.
  • You are a clear communicator and can adapt your messages to your audience.
  • You excel at organizing your work, and you keep an overview of the scope, targets, timelines, and deliverables even in fast-changing environments.
  • You recognize the value of building a great team, are fun to work with, motivate people around you and easily see the talent in everyone.

    Come join us so together we can create a world full of Fanployers!

Don’t worry if your dream job is not listed here. We’re in an exciting and fast-growing phase with new investors and a lot of amazing companies to work for, so we’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team! We’re more than happy to get in touch and see if your dream job is something we can create!

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