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To create a top-notch company, you need outstanding people. To attract them, you must have a strong employer branding. But, do you really know how job seekers view your brand compared to competitors?

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When looking for a job, talent start their search online. On average, they explore 6 online platforms before deciding where to apply. Plus, they might even apply at 4 of your competitors at the same time!

This shows how important it is to improve your company’s reputation, employer brand, online presence, and candidate experience. But still, many HR teams aren’t equipped enough to manage this themselves. Resulting in poor recruitment results, crappy candidate experiences, wrongly spend budget and blaming the shortage in todays talent market.


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Spoiler alert! 80% of employers overestimate their score, what about you?

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The Fanployer solution has been an absolute game-changer for me and my HR & Recruitment team. The new insights we got from measuring our status quo acted as the business case for change and immediately made our CEO a sponsor. The improvement plan gave all the recommendations the recruitment team needs to transform their traditional ways of working and enter a new era of recruitment.

Florien de Nijs CHRO - Exact

In my first month as Manager Recruitment at the Schiphol Group the Fanployer scan was planned. What a fantastic timing and great way to start. After a month full of first impressions, it was a true gift to be presented a complete status scan that gives insight in how your organisation is positioned and perceived as employer, benchmarked to the most important competitors in this labour market. In addition to very valuable insights, there is also a very concrete action plan that we were able to execute right away which gave me the exact direction and confidence that I needed as starting manager.  The focus of the scan is on both recruitment and labor market communication. An absolute must!

Natasja Freijer Manager Recruitment & Hiring - Schiphol Group

The Fanployer Solution solves this problem.

We give HR teams data-driven insights into their current employer brand, guide them through their employer branding journey with built-in quick wins and big wins, and via periodic re-scans we allow HR to measure their impact, make the necessary refinements and enable them to report back to the board on their efforts.

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We make top-notch employer branding and overachieving your hiring goals accessible for every HR team out there. From the largest of corporations, to the smallest of SME’s, Fanployer will guide you on the employer branding journey.

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