Why is marketing essential to employer branding? A short story on WordFeud.

“Hey Anne, I saw you passing by during a game of Wordfeud”. Yes, me too !, but during a game of online Scrabble”… “Uh? What do you mean?” I ask my friends in surprise. “See, I took a screenshot of it!” . ““Oh my goodness” I stammer…. A thunderous burst of laughter from my friends follows. […]

“Are you in a state of flow?”

It is strange that we all understand what is meant by the question, but that hardly anyone understands how to get into it – this so-called flow. What do you actually have to do? Or will it just come naturally when the time is right? How do you get yourself and your business back into […]

“Modern communication with your employees means that you are always on”

No trend watcher in the 1990s would have thought that we will still have applicants waiting months for an answer in 2021. That can be done differently! In the last few months I have been really amazed about how things are still going in most companies. Old-fashioned application processes that are far too slow and […]

Get the best out of yourself and your CEO!

As an HR Executive, may I ask you a simple but very important question? What do you think is the number 1 reason why one organization is known as a great employer and another as a not very attractive one? As far as I am concerned, this simple question has a surprisingly simple answer… It depends […]

Where is your company in the HR evolution (Darwin Style)?

HR innovation is necessary to become and remain competitive. Yet the majority of companies do not seem to embrace this idea. Why not? A few weeks ago I initiated a few HR ChangeMakers events. I had found a company to sponsor the events, invited thirty prominent and successful CHROs from various multinationals, and facilitated the […]